Patrick Mahomes’ mom: On Texas Roadhouse rolls, her puzzle club and that accent (2024)

So did little Sterling Mahomes ever get that Texas Roadhouse roll she wanted on Easter?

Inquiring minds want to know after watching a fun Facebook livestream this week with her grandmother Randi Mahomes, mother of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Sterling, 3, is the oldest child of Patrick and his wife, Brittany.

Randi Mahomes and her childhood BFF Teresa Toombs talked about the family’s Easter meal, Randi’s puzzle club, her forthcoming children’s book and their high school reunion this year.

And a man named Derrick from Florida dropped his number in the chat.

Yeah, that happened.

The women sat at Randi’s kitchen table in Tyler, Texas — she still lives in the home where the Super Bowl champ grew up — with a giant puzzle of Kansas City splayed out in front of them.

Mahomes had just had a root canal.

Somewhere, her middle child Jackson must have been shaking his head at mom.

“Go to bed,” he wrote in the chat.

Speaking of sleep …

“How about those Chiefs,” someone wrote in the chat.

“Thank God they’re on break right now,” said Mahomes. “I’m actually able to get a little sleep.”

And she’s spending more time with her two grandbabies, she said. The family was all together at her house for Easter. They ordered in Texas Roadhouse, a go-to for the family.

Brittany’s first job was at a Texas Roadhouse. “And we still love Texas Roadhouse,” Patrick told GQ when he and Brittany did a Q&A a few months ago.

“I could eat it every day,” Brittany said.

“She was the hostess that brought the rolls out, and I mean, if you’ve been to Texas Roadhouse the rolls are the best part,” Patrick said.

Apparently Sterling has inherited that taste for the pillowy rolls, made from scratch, baked fresh every five minutes in the restaurants and brushed with honey cinnamon butter.

But protein first for the growing Mahomes children.

“The poor thing, they were making her eat more bites of steak before she could have… these Texas Roadhouse rolls,” said Toombs, who was with the family for Easter.

“And they kept saying no, a few more bites a few more bites. She finally ate enough to satisfy her parents, and let me tell you something. They never gave her the roll! And I was watchin’ and waitin,” Toombs joked.

“That’s because I was down on the floor playing the whole time and I didn’t give her a chance to think about it,” Mahomes said.

She recently shared with her more than 180,000 Instagram followers that she does puzzles, a hobby she started while holed up during COVID. She started Randi’s Puzzle Club. She’s the president.

“Welcome to my puzzle club,” she said in a video post from her kitchen table. “I do enjoy this and I have so much fun. It is something I do, this is a constant … no eating on this table. And I trade out puzzles with people.

“This one came from a group of ladies, and I gave them some of mine. It’s just become like a fun thing.

“Anyone else that loves puzzles like I do, even a little bit or a lot, I would love to know any other puzzle club or puzzlers.”

The two friends started out doing 500-piece puzzles of ‘80s, ‘90s and Brat Pack movies like “Sixteen Candles,” “Breakfast Club” and “Clueless.”

They “got excited” that the puzzles were packed in retro plastic Blockbuster VHS cases, Mahomes said. (The “Sixteen Candles” puzzle is on sale for less than $5 at Walmart.)

During the livestream they picked at a 1,000-piece puzzle sent to Mahomes by the Kansas City Puzzle Co.

The $30 puzzle, created by Philadelphia artist Mario Zucca, is a colorful illustration of “all the weird, wonderful and cool things in Kansas City,” the company’s website says. (Zucca also illustrated a seek-and-find poster of a tailgate scene outside GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium.)

The puzzle is helping Mahomes learn her way around town because after more than six years of coming here to watch Patrick play, “I don’t know if I’m north, south, east,” she laughed.

“Here’s an example of things you find out from the puzzle,” Toombs said, showing Mahomes a piece.

“Hostess Twinkies are from Kansas City?” Mahomes said. (Hostess Brands is in Lenexa.)

“I love some Twinkies,” Toombs said before going on a riff about Twinkies flavors.

“I haven’t had one in a while. It’s making me want one,” Mahomes said.

At the outset, Mahomes said she wasn’t very comfortable doing livestreams, later revealing that she’s self-conscious about her accent, a thick-as-molasses drawl

“That’s why I do not like to go live. I do not like to hear myself. It’s kinda freaky,” she confessed. “It’s strong. I can go an hour or two away and it’s like, ‘Are you from East Texas? And I’m like how’d you guess?”

Her BFF — the women will celebrate their 30th high school reunion this year — has a drawl too but loves it.

She introduces herself as “Teresa from Texas.”

“Oh no, not me,” Mahomes said.

Toombs teased her: “Randi from Rhode Island?”

Patrick Mahomes’ mom: On Texas Roadhouse rolls, her puzzle club and that accent (2024)


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