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  • 1 Recommended items
  • 2 Imp champion scroll
    • 2.1 Passive method - God Wars
    • 2.2 Passive method - Hosidius bankstanding
    • 2.3 Active Method - Hosidius
  • 3 Goblin champion scroll
    • 3.1 Passive method
    • 3.2 Active method
  • 4 Skeleton champion scroll
    • 4.1 Passive Method
    • 4.2 Active method
  • 5 Zombie champion scroll
    • 5.1 Items recommended
    • 5.2 Undead druids
    • 5.3 Armoured Zombies
    • 5.4 Wilderness method
    • 5.5 Non-Wilderness method
  • 6 Giant champion scroll
    • 6.1 Passive method
    • 6.2 Active method - Giant Pit
    • 6.3 Active method - Giants' Den
  • 7 Hobgoblin champion scroll
    • 7.1 Wilderness
    • 7.2 Non-wilderness
  • 8 Ghoul champion scroll
  • 9 Earth warrior champion scroll
  • 10 Jogre champion scroll
  • 11 Lesser demon champion scroll
    • 11.1 Wilderness Slayer Cave
    • 11.2 Outside Wilderness

Recommended items[edit | edit source]

The following items can speed up collecting the scrolls and slightly negate the cost, or provide experience for those unable to trade. You can earn a particularly high amount of Prayer experience on this grind due to the potentially immense number of monsters you'll be killing.

  • Dwarf multicannon and cannonballs
    • Completing the medium, hard, and elite tiers of the Combat Achievements will allow your dwarf multicannon to hold 35, 45, and 60 cannonballs respectively
  • Bonecrusher for enemies that drop bones
  • Ash sanctifier for enemies that drop ashes
  • Herb sack
  • Gem bag
  • Nature and Fire runes for casting High Level Alchemy
  • The Wilderness weapons have a passive effect of increased damage and accuracy against NPCs in the Wilderness and can considerably increase kills per hour there

Imp champion scroll[edit | edit source]

Passive method - God Wars[edit | edit source]

The imp champion scroll can be earned passively while killing imps for ecumenical keys in the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon or for getting essence in the God Wars Dungeon to fight K'ril Tsutsaroth.


Passive method - Hosidius bankstanding[edit | edit source]

A number of imps spawn close to the bank on the southern shore of Hosidius. This bank is often used for activities, such as training Fletching and Herblore, due to the fact that random events can spawn while the player is stood by it. An added bonus is that imps often wander very close by and by using a ranged weapon, you can passively get kills as you train other skills. The Magic longbow gives a high chance of killing an imp in one shot and the Dark bow special attack guarantees a one shot kill. The Lightbearer can increase the rate at which your special attack energy recovers for this purpose.


Active Method - Hosidius[edit | edit source]

With this method, the cannon can sometimes hit all 6 imps on the Hosidius beach. The western most imp can only be hit if it walks south. The cannon needs to be placed on the specific tile in single-way combat, otherwise the cannon will lose line of sight of some imps. Often, imps get stuck behind trees and bushes so you must manually attack them when this happens. Bringing the Xeric's talisman and a close teleport to a bank, e.g. Enchanted lyre(i) teleport to Neitiznot, will be a fast way to optionally bank beads.

One way to increase the number of kills per hour while using this method is to put your player-owned house in Hosidius and teleport between the Ardougne Monastery using the Ardougne Cloak and the Hosidius cannon location using your house teleport. Whenever your cannon runs out of cannonballs, teleport to Hosidius using your house teleport (can be right-clicked to teleport directly outside), run to the cannon to refill it, and teleport back to the Ardougne Monastery to continue killing more imps. This method is only efficient if using stamina potions or other ways of refilling your run energy frequently in addition to not picking up any imp drops, and is best served using a fast-hitting weapon which can hit at a range, such as a toxic blowpipe. Pay close attention to the game chat, since the scroll can drop at the Hosidius cannon location while you're not there, and you will need to teleport back to go find it.


Cannon placement

Goblin champion scroll[edit | edit source]

Passive method[edit | edit source]

The goblin champion scroll can be earned while killing goblins for essence in the God Wars Dungeon to fight General Graardor and while killing General Graardor's minions Sergeant Strongstack, Sergeant Steelwill, and Sergeant Grimspike. This method is the most time efficient if you already plan on doing a lot of trips to General Graardor, but if you want to get the challenge scroll as quickly as possible, this method is not optimal.

Active method[edit | edit source]

The goblin filled barn between Draynor Manor and Mill Lane Mill is a viable spot to use the dwarf multicannon and can result in approximately 2,300 kills an hour. Although the area is not multicombat, goblins generally die fast enough that it does not matter. While cannoning here, you can either actively attack goblins yourself with the cannon or let the cannon kill them with auto-retaliate on.


Cannon placement

Skeleton champion scroll[edit | edit source]

Passive Method[edit | edit source]

The Skeleton champion scroll can be earned passively while killing Calvar'ion or Vet'ion for their drops or for as a part of Slayer training.

Active method[edit | edit source]

Skeletons can be killed in the Crandor and Karamja Dungeon by Elvarg for approximately 770 kills an hour. Your aim here is to manually kill the level 25 skeletons in the northernmost area of the cave by the rope to the surface. Once they are all dead, run south and kill the level 45 skeletons on a double-hit spot in your cannon's range. Place the cannon so that it has a slight line of sight to the level 25s. When the level 25s respawn, run back up there and kill them again before returning to the level 45s.

Cannon placement

Zombie champion scroll[edit | edit source]

Items recommended[edit | edit source]

Salve Amulet or it's imbued versions.

Undead druids[edit | edit source]

Although much slower to kill than other zombies, undead druids are the only monster that drops the mask of ranul. If attempting to fill slots in the collection log and willing to take longer to earn the zombie champion scroll, killing undead druids until getting the mask of ranul could save time in the long run. They are relatively easy to kill with range while paying little attention since you can pray Protect from Magic and use the altar in the western part of the dungeon.

Armoured Zombies[edit | edit source]

Located in Zemouregal's Base east of Varrock, Armoured zombies drop the Broken zombie axe in addition to the Zombie champion scroll. Having 85 hitpoints, these variants are much stronger than the standard zombie variants. Players may wish to kill armoured zombies for a clue scroll if wishing to fill out collection log slots as with the druids mentioned above. However, after obtaining the zombie axe, players may wish to kill a more efficient variant as the champion scroll drops at the same rate for all variants. Players may find Guthan's equipment beneficial here to extend trips.

Wilderness method[edit | edit source]

Cannoning zombies in the Graveyard of Shadows is the fastest method for obtaining their scroll, being approximately 1,400 kills an hour.

For gear, prioritise range bonus, bearing in mind that you are in the Wilderness and that your items may be at risk.

Try and hide behind tombstones to interrupt the zombies' pathing, this will allow you to remain out of combat and your cannon to hit multiple zombies for more kills per hour.


Cannon placement

Non-Wilderness method[edit | edit source]

The Wizards' Guild requires 66 Magic to enter. In the basem*nt there are multiple zombies behind a fence and a cannon can be set up to achieve approximately 740 kills an hour.

Important: Bring Law and Air runes to use Telekinetic Grab to retrieve your scroll when it drops.


Cannon placement

Giant champion scroll[edit | edit source]

During the course of obtaining this scroll the Arceuus Spellbook can be used to reanimate the Ensouled Heads that drop for additional prayer XP.

Passive method[edit | edit source]

The Giant champion scroll is one of the most common due to the number of giants slain while training Slayer. On the way to 99 Slayer, there's a considerable chance of getting the scroll.

The scroll is also often obtained by players looking to fight Obor or Bryophyta due to the large number of giants that need to be killed to obtain their respective keys.

Active method - Giant Pit[edit | edit source]

The Giant Pit in Shayzien is a viable location to grind for this scroll.

Hill giants

Cannon placement

Active method - Giants' Den[edit | edit source]

Another method, albeit slower, is to use the cannon in the Giants' Den, the benefit here being the opportunity to receive dark totem pieces along the way.

Hill giants

Cannon placement

Hobgoblin champion scroll[edit | edit source]

Wilderness[edit | edit source]

When set up correctly, this location can yield approximately 1,400 kills per hour. Setup your cannon in the location on the map below and stand within the n-shaped mithril rocks. As this is in a single combat zone kill any hobgoblins that get too close to ensure your cannon continues to fire at all targets. This method requires you stand in level 31 Wilderness if you want the fewest number of hobgoblins interrupting your cannon, so players may look to bring some food and gear with magic defence to avoid being tele blocked by player killers before they can escape at level 30 Wilderness using any eligible teleport.


Cannon placement

Non-wilderness[edit | edit source]

The peninsula north-east of the Hosidius vinery is a viable location for this scroll.


Cannon placement

Ghoul champion scroll[edit | edit source]

Ghouls spawn in two locations west of Canifis. The southern spot is the most optimal. Use the gravestones to safespot the ghouls, allowing your cannon to fire freely at all enemies in this single combat area.


Cannon placement

Earth warrior champion scroll[edit | edit source]

Earth warriors are found in a single location in the Edgeville Dungeon. This area is in the Wilderness so it is advised to come prepared for player killers. Even if tele blocked, the entrance to the Edgeville dungeon is not far away, so players may consider bringing more food to have a better chance of surviving while running away from a player killer.

One must decide the risk they are willing to take when gearing for this task. It's perfectly possible to achieve this scroll using as few as three items, but lower levels or those that want faster kills may wish to bring more. A cannon can be used in this dungeon.

If the player chooses to use auto retaliate and minimise the attention required for this scroll, whenever you lose aggression you can comfortably run between the two chambers within which the Earth warriors spawn.

Earth warriors

Cannon placement

Jogre champion scroll[edit | edit source]

Jogres are best killed on the upper level of the Pothole Dungeon with a cannon and by doing so can net approximately 650 kills per hour.


Cannon placement

Lesser demon champion scroll[edit | edit source]

During the course of obtaining this scroll the Arceuus Spellbook can be used to reanimate the Ensouled Heads that drop for additional prayer XP.

Wilderness Slayer Cave[edit | edit source]

Lesser demons in the Wilderness Slayer Cave top out around 600 kills per hour if 3-iteming with a cannon and Webweaver, as well as dropping 1,811,022.00 in loot per hour and 15k prayer XP/hour if using an Ash sanctifier. They can be killed passively through wilderness slayer tasks to allow for use of the Slayer helm, extra profit from Larran's keys and to gain Slayer XP and points.

Outside Wilderness[edit | edit source]

Using a cannon in the Crandor and Karamja Dungeon can net approximately 300 to 450 kills per hour.

You may want to consider trying for this scroll prior to the skeleton scroll as there's the possibility of your cannon killing nearby skeletons as you go for it. The skeleton kills per hour will be absolutely miniscule, but there is always the chance of a lucky drop that may cut down the remainder of your grind.

Lesser demons

Cannon placement

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